Black Dog

That old black dog, he walks in my shadow
Serving the darkness, he's not my friend
Whenever I see him, I am in mortal danger
I know at any time, he might take my life
Nothing can stop him, he has great power

Is that old black dog evil, or is he in my head
I hope I find the answer, before I end up dead
He threatens my existence whenever he appears
No one else can see him or know that he's around
One day I fear he will take my life, in one single bound

That old black dog he scares me and I don't know what to do
The last time I saw him, we were in a darkened room.
I stared at him for a long time, and he just stared right back
Showing no emotion, he doesn't need a pack
He looks at me in his evil way and he knows I have no answer

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