Insane Society

Nobody knows what's going on in your head
Secrets and thoughts that can never be said
Feelings and emotions, truth and lies
Keep them to yourself because society says
If you're different from the rest, you must be insane
They'll keep you down, you'd be better off dead

Going crazy in an insane society
An insane society, an insane society
Keep it all to yourself, if you're right or wrong
They'll lock you up for trying to sing your song
Going crazy in an insane society

Millions of people looking all around
Searching for answers that can't be found
Things that make you happy, things that make you sad
Reasons for being and all that jazz
Arguments for and arguments against
Nothing is real and no reason is sound

The only sure thing is, you won't get out alive
The best way out is rock n roll suicide
Live your life hard, don't care about what's next
It can't be any worse than what you expect
The everyday struggle with your personal demons
You have the rest of your life left to decide



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