It's not easy to be old

It's not easy to be old, but all you have to do is wait
Things happen along the way, some you can call fate
But if you've lived your life the way you wanted to
You can't complain when your maker calls for you

You have to make way for the young to take your place
To sing their own songs and live at their own pace
We thought we were rebels and in our way we were
But as the years roll by, we feel a little less sure

We were lucky to have lived in an age more innocent
Being young in the sixties was a time heaven sent
We lived and loved and had such fun, who could ask for more
Love and peace was our creed and we were anti war

Popping pills and smoking dope and dropping LSD
It was a way of life that seemed so wonderful to me
Sex and drugs and rock n roll, no thoughts about tomorrow
Without a worry or a care there was no room for sorrow

Now kids have so much more that they seem to resent
I hope when they get old they don't have to repent
For a life with guns and knives and bottles and bricks
That's no way they should be out to get their kicks

In this modern day world, that favours the strong
We feel a sadness that something's gone wrong
That our ideals of love and peace, somehow were in vain
Because the kids of today live a life filled with pain

The drugs we thought were fun have become a scourge
Ruining the lives of many good people, unable to purge
Themselves of the demon that takes over and drives
Them to unspeakable depths to satisfy their miserable lives

It's not easy to be old, but I hope they all make it
When their time comes, if they've shown enough grit
They'll look back like I do and think it wasn't so bad
And hope that the next lot don't have reason to be sad



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