Prim and Proper


I fell in love with a beautiful woman
She was so prim and proper
She was so strong, when her mind was set
Nothing was ever going stop her
She was always going to be a star
Everybody knew she would go far
Five days a week from nine to five
Her business suit defined her life

She was a weekend Queen of the SM scene
And she wanted me to be her master
Thigh high boots, leather and PVC
Took over from the regular silk and tweed
She said take me to the dungeon and whip my ass
Tie me up baby and make it fast
I want to feel the pleasure in the pain
Make me squirm till I go insane

Down in the dungeon I warmed to the task
I put on my leathers and my rubber mask
I tied her to a bench with ropes and chains
And beat her with one of those flexible canes
She loved every stroke and moaned out loud
When she begged for more it made me feel proud
So I gave her a little bit more of what she wanted
Whatever I did, she remained undaunted

Monday morning she was back in the office
Dressed so prim and proper
She ran her department with military precision
Nobody would dare to defy her
They could never imagine in their wildest dreams
The way she spent her weekends
Down in the dungeon, begging on her knees
Loving and living all her fantasies

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