I left my job in the factory
Won't go back there no more
I sold my soul to the devil
And behaved like a whore

I sold my soul for money
And didn't treat people as I should
But the devil was a hard boss
And he treated me even worse

It took me too long to realise
I had to get out while I still could
Before my heart turned into solid ice
And my soul turned to charred wood

Don't waste your life in the factory
That's not where you want to be
Don't play the fool, work hard in school
Education will set you free.

Don't wait 'till it's too late
Or leave it just to fate
To get the qualifications that
Will set you up for life

I could have been a contender
We've all heard that said
Live your life while you can
Because you'll soon end up dead

And dead is dead forever more
There is no second chance
Don't end up on the factory floor
The Devil will only prance

On your grave and laugh at how
The work he gave you, laid you low
The soul you sold added to his wealth
He won't care that it cost your health

Don't sell your soul for money
And treat people like you should
The devil is too hard to please
So make sure you please yourself


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